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10 DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are one of the most important things which one needs to get done and that too, way before the wedding. There are millions of stores and card companies available which deal in the wedding invitation and card making business however, the true warmth and love can only be shown if you go for DIY wedding invitation ideas.

If your wedding is a small affair and not too many people are invited, DIY wedding invitation ideas are perfect for you. You can invite some friends or cousins over and get your invitations ideas done in no time. Creativity is the key and patience will do the trick. Here are some super fun DIY wedding invitation ideas for all you people.

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Customized Hollywood Invitations: It is one of the most amazing and fun ideas to carry out this particular idea for wedding invitations. If you and your soul mate are movie savvies then go for it. Cut out pictures of really famous romantic comedies or love stories and make cards out of those. Remember, fun is the key when it comes to this idea.  You could even base it on a movie theatre ticket.

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Golden Card with Ferrero: in order to keep the wedding invitation classy, you could send a simple off white or golden card with something like a simple bow on it. Along with it, send a mini bag of Ferrero Rocher chocolates as there is nothing better than sweetening up the guest’s mood and that too, way before the wedding.

Customized Paper Art: If any one of you is interested in going not so romantic and cliché with your wedding invitations, simply take out a good hard paper and make ships or airplanes out of it. Write the invitation on it and put them inside any old liquid bottle you have. This idea will go best for all the pilot grooms out there.

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Wedding Favors: There is never anything better than party favors so why not try them out in a new way this time? Go for wedding invitation favors. What you can do is pack a bow tie for all the male guests and a beret or hair clip for all the female ones. They are expected to wear them on your big day. This way you will have a really cute theme for your wedding too.

Pop Out Wedding Cards: if you want to keep it simple and do not have much time left for the super amazing wedding invitation ideas, what you can do is make simple pop out cards on any theme. The theme could be your preference or hobbies, or your wedding day’s color scheme. Pop out wedding cards look extremely cute and you could customize some quote on it to create better impact.

Cupcakes: Yes you read it right. There is nothing better than baking homemade cupcakes which could also be fondant cupcakes based on your love story with your guy/girl. Taking them along to a friend’s as a wedding invitation is the best DIY wedding invitation idea. And yummy too!

Restaurant to the Rescue: If you really do not have time for any kind of DIY wedding invitation ideas and your pocket allows you, one of the easiest ways of inviting friends over for your big day is to take them out somewhere really nice before the big day. It could be dine out or some picnic in which you all bond and the invitation for the wedding is extended to them, in this way you will not have to wait and generate creative ideas for the invites.

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Go Techno: Another really creative way of spreading the message for your wedding invitation, especially when you have a lot of people to invite is the personalized video. You can sit one day and record special videos for your guest list and send it to them via mail or Facebook. In this way, your invitation and effort will always be remembered by your friends.

A Pre Wedding Movie Marathon: If you are a person who believes in rather close knit gatherings even for a wedding, what you can do is invite those important people for dinner at home, watch movies and you and your boy/girl can cook for them. This is a highly sweet gesture for all those who will be invited on the wedding. You could send them party favors when they are about to leave for home, or even home cooked food.

Game Themed Wedding Cards: DIY wedding invitations are all about creativity. You can generate a game of your own and out it on the card that you will be sending to the guests. You can even make a whole box of games which could be something like facts about the bride and groom, love meter, truth and dare etc. people will love it way before the wedding has even started.

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