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How to Use Flowers in Your Wedding Decor

Talk of any community, culture or religion from all over the world, no wedding is complete without flowers. Be it beautifying the ambience and the decor or showering the newlyweds with petals, flowers play an important role in any wedding. Initially what used to be simple garlands or rangolis made of assorted petals, have now progressed to intricately woven garlands with a variety of flowers, thoughtfully arranged bouquets, and careful selection of flowers based on their colour, fragrance and even appearance!

There are some couples who wish to use only flowers to Decorate the Wedding venue and some, who blend beautiful flowers with the lighting or drapes. The detailed thought behind flowers is not without a reason. After all, the wedding decor will seek the most attention and be photographed the most (of course, apart from the bride and groom!). Therefore, if you are keen on making your wedding look picture perfect with flowers, you need to be careful with how you use them for decoration. Read to know what you must remember while choosing flowers for your wedding.

Meet at least three florists before you decide anything about your flower decorations. Usually at weddings, there are many friends and family who love to offer help. We are sure you have them at your wedding too; so talk to them and they might be able to guide you while you are deciding the florists, flowers or decoration ideas. Talk to your recently married friends to get more ideas.

No matter how much you love flowers, make sure that your choices and decisions revolve around the theme that you choose for your wedding. Keep the location or venue in mind too. For example, for a beach wedding or reception, choosing pastel or light-coloured flowers like jasmine, tulips or lilies that are have a mild fragrance, would be the best. Likewise, for a vintage or historical themed wedding, bright flowers like marigold and roses would go great. Having a particular colour or colour combinations can also be a decor theme, and this is where you need to be really careful while choosing the flower colours.

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