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Ways of Attracting Guys at the Beach

Do you want to make heads turn while you strut along the shore? Are you looking for tricks to look s*xy and svelte on the beach? Here are a few tips to help you attract guys while you are having fun at the beach.

1. Don swimwear that suit your body type

You may have heard commonplace fashion advice that recommends skimpy bikinis to attract guys to the beach. But wearing a skimpy bikini if you have a voluptuous figure may not help. Instead, pick a swimsuit that accentuates your curves, hides your physical flaws, and most important makes you feel comfortable. This confidence and comfort will naturally attract guys to you at the beach.

2. Play a beach sport

Have you experienced going to the beach and ending up watching a beach volleyball tournament for hours together? Women playing frisbee, beach volleyball, throw the ball, or even surfing on the beach tend to garner a lot of attention from guys. Guys may prefer watching girls in action rather than simply staring at girls sunbathing on the beach.


3. Apply sun block on your body provocatively yet gracefully

Many beach enthusiasts spend time relaxing on the beach sands by sunbathing, chatting with friends, sipping on cocktails, and lazily applying sunblock. To get male attention, pick a spot where you see hot guys lurking around, sit on your best-looking towel, and put on your best eyewear. Gracefully apply sunblock on your body starting from your neck and your arms. Proceed towards your waist and finally your legs. Show off your body while you are putting on sunblock.

4. Strut the beach in an attractive sarong or a handkerchief dress

Wearing a sexy bikini but not having the confidence to show it off will turn guys off. Pair your swimsuit with a nice sarong and walk with style and confidence. Let your sarong flutter in the beach wind so that it can play peek-a-boo with your curves.

5. Hang out in a group of girls

A chirpy group of girls hanging out at the beach is all it takes to attract a bunch of guys. If you are hanging out alone at the beach, chances are that you may or may not be spotted by guys. But if you are in the middle of pretty girls, chatting, having fun, and inadvertently showing off some nice curves, you may be easily attracting the attention of guys.

6. Exercise and stretch at the beach

Guys are known to scan the beach to check out girls showing off their bodies while running, stretching, or indulging in some aerobics or floor exercises. Don’t pick exercises that are too strenuous, rather do the ones that have subtle movements. The point here is to get eyeballs popping, not burn calories. So stay away from sweating it out too much.

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