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Be a Mom with Beauty and Style

A new born baby comes with new dreams, new expectations and a lot of joy but it also brings sleepless tired nights and no time for the new mom. If you are one of those mothers, enjoying the charms of her first baby but losing the charm of your gleaming skin, gorgeous eyes and lustrous hair then here are some fast and easy beauty tips for you to glow in the charm of your motherhood.

Being a mother is not an easy job it leaves your eyes tried, dark and puffy. To hide those dark circles you can use cream concealer, apply a small amount with a brush under the eyes and blend it with your fingertips. Cream concealer can masterfully hide even the most imperfections such as acne and blemishes that are caused due to delivery stress.

Post delivery hormones can cause dry skin, making those breakouts and ruddiness extra visible, for that you can start using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation to bring back its natural glow and hide that tired looking skin. Moreover a tinted moisturizer is easier to apply and takes less time. It is lighter in weight and will not settle into fine lines. Complete the look with a stroke of peachy blush to give a youthful happy appearance. Due to lack of sleep the skin tends to be washed out, a warm color blush will help liven up the skin.

For eyes, avoid using eye shades in blues and purples for these colors will highlight the redness of the skin making your skin look blotchy, tired and unflattering. Go for neutral shades in brown and taupe, these natural colors will help your eyes to stand out and will help eliminating the redness in the eyes as well. For mascara, go for waterproof mascara, as it will help keep makeup in place if eyes are watery.

Avoid using thick lip gloss, as you are going to kiss the baby so many times. The best thing for you would be a fruity lip balm just to keep your lips soft and supple and kiss you new born sweetheart as many times as you want. Don’t forget to put your yummy lip balm in the diaper bag for you will want to apply it many times.

Delivery stress and post delivery hormones makes you hair dry and damage and lifeless. You can amazingly bring back all the lustrous in just a few days using a Vitamin E oil capsule. Mix olive oil and coconut oil in equal quantities. Cut the vitamin E oil capsule and pour its oil into olive-coconut oil mixture. Massage it into your roots and get back your natural shine within days.

With these beauty tips you can regain your glowing beauty in no time. Enjoy your motherhood with style and beauty.

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