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Know what’s best Lingerie Color for you

best Lingerie Color for you

Best Lingerie Color

Women love to buy sexy and cute lingerie to woo their partners, it’s probably the favorite shopping item for almost all women, who want to look beautiful and feel sexy! However, you can’t simply buy a lingerie of your favorite color and look gorgeous!

While buying lingerie, think of a feature you want to highlight the most in your intimate moments. You can choose your hair, your skin color or those killing eyes your sweetheart loves the most, and look for a color to enhance that special feature of you. Read on to know how!

Skin Color

Skin color is probably the first thing to consider, while buying lingerie. Many women wear lingerie that is so close to the color of their own skin that one cannot tell where the lingerie ends and you begin. But choosing a color that contrasts with your skin color is the best way to go. Women who have pale china doll kind of skin can wear light pastels and look great. Women with olive colored skin or are fairly tan will look gorgeous in a little darker and brighter colors that also compliment your hair. Women who have really dark tans or ebony skin have got the most options of all. They can wear pastels to bring out the contrast and can also wear bright colors to look stunning. Maroons and exotic purples will look ultra hot on them.

Hair Color

If hair is what you want to flaunt the most, then go for pastel colors and light shades of purple, blue or pink or olive green if you are a blonde for that cute irresistible look. Darker hair calls for darker colors. If you are a brunette, experiment with brighter colors and prints as well as earth tones, dark blues, purples, red and greens to compliment your hair. If you are a redhead, you can play around with some really bright and fun colors but don’t overshadow the beauty of your red hair with everything bright.

Eye Color

If you want to enhance those sexy eyes, choose lingerie that compliments your eye color for an ultra stunning look. If you have blue eyes, choose any color in blue shade ranging from pastels to even dark purple hues to emphasize the ‘sea’ in your eyes and I am sure, he’ll get hooked. Women with green eyes can wear any shade of green to really highlight the green in their eyes. If you have darker eyes, wear shades of brown or fusion of browns with blues and other darker shades for a really mysterious effect. But if you have those dreamy ethereal hazel eyes, you can surely look hot with almost any color!

So the next time you visit a lingerie store, buy the color to bring out what’s special in you! Be it your long hair or killing eyes, make them feel loved with the choice of your color!

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