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10 Signs to Know a Man Love you

Humans do not have the ability to peek in the minds of other people and that is why they have to face many difficulties. Dating a guy is easy but to know what he is thinking about you and what would be his next move is a tricky business. It’s really hard to tell what others think of you because choosing the right step totally depends on that information. This scenario can often lead to the state of being indecisive. Several guys are very open about their emotions and feelings but not every guy; some are very secretive about their feelings. So, here are some tips to know if your man loves you:

1. Body language

Body language tells a lot about your intentions and what is happening in your mind. Actions like he looks at you a lot, lean towards you without reason, his effort to impress you etc. would tell if your man loves you. Moreover, also notice the direction of his hands, feet and legs because that shows his unconscious interest in you.

2. Eye contact

If your man loves you, he will try countless times to have eye contact with you or he will unintentionally keep staring at you. To test his interest, scan his face for few seconds and then look away and then look at his face to check if he is staring at you again.

3. Pay attention to whatever he says

If your man looks nervous in front of you or avail every chance to get closer to you; he loves you. Also notice if he starts talking about himself whenever you talk about any other guy.

4. If he treats you differently from other people

If your man loves you, his behavior will be quite different with you as compared to everybody else.

5. His interest in things that you like or do

Talk to him about your likes and dislikes, if he takes interest in all those things, it’s a clear-cut indicator that he loves you.

6. Nervousness

Whenever you are with him, check signs of nervousness like nervous laughter, sweaty palms, fidgeting etc. If he is nervous, he definitely wants to have a good impression on you because he loves you.

7. His friends and family

If your man loves you, he will tell his friends and family about it first. If you notice his friends teasing him in front of you, he definitely has feelings for you.

8. If he imitates you

If he loves you, he will try his best to do whatever you like or whatever you do.

9. Friendly teasing

To hide his feelings that he loves you, he will continue with friendly teasing. So, that you don’t find it out before the right time.

10. Romantic attitude

If he brings flowers for you or takes you out for a romantic dinner other than hanging out casually, he loves you.

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