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Avoid bad sex habits in bed

Kissing and orgasm are not the sole pleasures to have passionate sex on night. Men need some extra touch and feel to go enthusiastically for whole night but some bad sex habits that women frequently do in bed trouble them during sex.

These bad sex habits make passionate sex night just a scrap leaving both partners dissatisfied and dull so, avoid bad sex habits in bed.

  • Avoid sex in darkness

Turning lights off and then looking for your partner to romp with is obsolete now. The more your sex partner looks at your figure the more he gets horny. The relish of sex is unfulfilled when darkness is around preventing both of you to have eye contact during sex that in turn dissatisfies and makes whole sex a mess.

  • Kick out shyness

Hold on! You don’t need to show modesty in bed as it’s not the proper time to be modest. Avoid shyness in bed. It is the key to get passionate sex life.

  • Initiate sex

Men are deemed to initiate sex in bed but if you initiate sex in bed it works wonderfully seducing your man whole night. Most of women and girls love to begin sex but shyness hurdles their way so when you kick out shyness in bed you would surely grab your lover first.

  • Avoid same sex positions

Lying plain with being on each other is quite monotonous and dull for everyday practice. Go on for some fruity sex positions and tricky sex habits to perk up your sex life

  • Have fun during sex

Don’t be so serious during sex. Exchange few funny words about ongoing sex process and make it an easy going ejaculation till hours.

These simply followed tips to avoid bad sex habits in bed work magically setting a gleeful sex night till hours so go on and follow them.

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