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How to Make Him Never Want to Leave You?

Every woman wants to keep her man, or men in some cases, by her side always and forever. But how many actually succeed? Here are a few tips to make him never want to leave you. May you keep him by your side for all of eternity.

1. Do not cater to his attitude

This is the thing – the more attention you will pay to a guy, the more you will inflate his ego. And once you commit this sin, there is no turning back. So now that you have your guy, never let him throw his attitude around, and he will be putty.

2. Make him jealous

He is possessive of course, but what can you do to make sure that he always remains this way? Make him jealous, like really jealous. But do not overdo it. After all, if everyone else wants you, he will want you more. Simple!

3. Dress soberly most of the time

Try to portray that you are very simple at heart, but you can be a ‘hot chick’ when the situation calls for it. This is not only convenient for you, but is also convenient for him. How many times should the poor guy get in a fight because you are dressed uber-provocatively?

4. Text him a ‘hey’ in the middle of the night

This way, not only are you keeping it light and fun, but you are also letting him know that he is on your mind all the time. At least you want him to think this way.

5. Always agree to whatever his mom says or does

Even if you actually don’t agree, there’s no harm in pretending, right? Big for scoring brownie points! Just act like you are in agreement with his mom when you can, and it is not majorly against whatever you think, and he will be by your side! Of course, this goes only if he does not hate his mom, which is very rare!

6. Smell good

Never ever should you stink, or not smell amazing to your man. Your looks apart, this is one thing that really gets a man’s attention. And the best part is, this is completely under your control. So go shop for some nice perfume and put it on!

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