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Dating Tips to Find the Right Person

Before your dating gets so intense that you decide to tie the knot and then one fine day call off the wedding out of the blue, it is always better to know whether you have had been dating the right person or not.

It is good to recognize and acknowledge whether the guy you’re dating is Mr. Right in the first few months to save yourself of public humiliation when things get too serious. Relationships can be quite complex but these few simple tips will enable you to find the person of your dreams.

1. Be the one to make a choice– If you’re one of those women who go into dating hoping that the man will like you then you’ve got to change this attitude towards yourself. Look at you. You’re trying to BE the option. Is that what you want the men to think you’re worth? Definitely not! You need to try to make him bend himself for you to be attractive. You have to try to think outside the box and be the one to choose. Be like an employer, choose the man that fits your specifications. This will only be an effective tip if you know what you’re looking for in your man.

2. Trust & compatibility – The most important factor. You are most likely to find this element in the first few weeks of when you engage in dating with a guy. Trust is what all relationships are based on. Without trust a relationship is like a song with no melody. Compatibility is a factor that helps you determine whether you’re dating a person of your interest. It builds over months maybe even years. You need to give this element time while dating before you can take appropriate action.

3. Being together for all the right reasons – 70% of the times men are dating for a fling.  20% go for physical benefits. The remaining 10% (if you’re lucky) are the men who genuinely want to get into long term relationships for all the right reasons. This is why it is important for you to check on your man for this element as well. If he’s willing to give you enough time to get into your comfortable zone of the entire touching etc. then he’s definitely a nice person. Make sure he doesn’t force you into doing something you might regret later on.

4. Having fun together- This tip requires you to make sure you look outside and beyond your “bubble” and try to explore the ineptness of your dating relationship. Playfulness adds spice and laughter is an aphrodisiac. Do you two have fun together? The best way to figure this out would be to notice if the man has a fun and loving conversation going with you, if he likes engage in activities indoor or outdoor with you. If he’s the sort who just likes to sit quiet and watch the game as long as you’re giving him something to hog on – Dump him out like all the other trash in your house.

5. Standing up for one another – Whether it’s in a crowd, on a social media, in an official gathering try to take notice of whether the man you’re dating is willing to stand up for you against anyone who puts you down. This is imperative for building long term bonding. Also, note whether YOU would be willing to back him up too.
6. Sharing views or accepting differing views and values -Sharing whether it’s simply talking or venting helps eliminate a lot of stress, frustration and misunderstandings amongst two people. It is a helpful tip to check whether you both are comfortable enough to share each other’s values and beliefs and accept them for accepting one another.

7. Healthy and desired communication – Dating, for us women, is all about finding the person who we would be willing to spend the rest of our lives with. It is essential that you check whether you two have a healthy one-to-one talk most of the times and don’t awkwardly sit in front of each other when together. A lack of communication expresses the lack of desire to be around a person.

Lastly, it would be even healthier to get a life of your own other than your date. This will give any big headed guy the idea that you are independent. Happy Dating!

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