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8 Worst Things to Say to a Guy

There are certain “statements” in particular which you cannot say when you are talking to your partner. Given below are some of the worst things to say to a guy.

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  1. When was the last time you headed towards the gym?”
    Most of the guys are usually very conscious about their physique. They don’t mind when the same question is asked by their friends but when questioned by a girl, they tend to take it very personally.
  2. “You don’t stand a chance against him”
    This is a very common statement that might occur in a common argument between you and your guy, you would have actually meant it in the lighter sense but men are very very sensitive to such statements.
  3. “You are the best boyfriend I have ever had”
    You might think, “here goes a compliment to my boyfriend” but sorry, guys get alarmed when they receive such statements from us. They tend to get into the comparative mode that creates disorder.
  4. “Do you love me, in the same way, today too?”
    A question that should never ask guys when the relationship is growing or has grown strong. Guys succumb to this kind of question and get panicky.
  5. “What would you do when I am pregnant?”Never ever utter this to a guy when you are in the initial stages of your relationship. This statement is a relationship killer as guys tend to move very slowly in a relationship.
  6. “The guy at work is amazing at his jokes”
    Enjoy as much as you can at work at the jokes, laugh hard and laugh out loud till you realize that you have forgotten to breathe. But do not praise the guy who made you laugh in front of your boyfriend. This is going to land you in a situation that you will have to regret later.
  7. Cannot tell you what she told me”
    Better not to talk about “her” when you cannot tell your partner what “she” told you. If you share a secret with someone else, your partner might feel insecure.
  8. “They party every weekend, lucky them!!”
    You might not have the chance to party every weekend, which you prefer but there is a better way to put it across rather than comparing yourself with someone whom you and your guy knows.

Girls, make sure you never say these things to your guys.

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