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10 Reasons to Dump Your Boyfriend

Not every toad that you kiss will turn into a prince charming. What if you are wasting your time with the wrong one? If the guy is not right for you, then it’s time to quit and move on. So here are 10 reasons to ditch your boyfriend.

1. If he calls you by the wrong name while kissing you or making love to you, then ditch him. Even if he has done it once, don’t take it lightly.

2. If you keep fantasizing about someone else while he’s making love to you, that is a signal that you would rather be with someone else than him. So listen to what your heart is saying and move on.

3. If he checks your phone often and reads your messages all the time even when you have shown your displeasure at such acts, then it’s time to ditch such a suspicious boyfriend.

4. If he often gets violent during arguments, then don’t take time to think twice. Simply leave him.

5. If he lectures you about what you should or shouldn’t be wearing, then it’s time to take your life back from this controlling boyfriend. Quit the relationship!

6. If he doesn’t like you mingling with other guys and tries to control who your friends should be, then don’t let him dominate. He’s just an over possessive boyfriend who will always expect you to do as he says. So ditch him.

7. If he never does dishes and expects you to do it all the time, then accept the fact that he’ll never change. He’s one of those guys who think men are not meant to do such jobs. So time to say bye to him.

8. If he borrows money from you and ‘forgets’ to return, then there’s absolutely no need to continue a relationship with him.

9. If he’s just interested in sex and nothing before or after that, then it’s time to throw him out of your life!

10. If he keeps flirting with everyone around you and doesn’t stop even when you have complained so many times, then better to call it off! Ditch him!

Remember, somewhere out there is a guy who is right for you! So keep looking.

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