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10 Signs You are in a One-Sided Relationship

A strong emotion like love can make you do weird things. It’s like a beautiful dream that mesmerises you into the magic of loving and being loved. But sometimes, we women are so scared of being all by ourselves that we live with our not-so-perfect relationships and men who don’t love us enough. Wake up women, we deserve better! Here are 10 signs you are in love with someone who doesn’t love you back and need to get rid of him asap.

You are The Planner: You always make all the plans. Whether it be a simple movie, an anniversary date or  even a birthday party, it’s always you who goes out of your way and works around your hectic schedule to do something special for your lover boy. On the other hand, he takes no initiative whatsoever.

You Feel Bad for Yourself: Have there been occasions when you feel sorry about being in a relationship with this partner? Does he hurl abuses at you, hit you or outright disrespect you? Then you need to be rid of this relationship, NOW. A relationship which is void of mutual respect is not worth it.

Emotionally Unavailable Partner: The biggest benefit of being in a relationship is that you don’t need to cry alone. You partner is your physical and emotional support, but if he refuses to deal with the various emotions that engulf you, then maybe you were better off alone.

You Live By Dating Old Rules: A relationship demands its own time, patience and especially rules. So if you both live by age old dating rules, then you may want to take a break. Remember what work for some may may not work for all.

Text Talk: Your only mode of communication with your partner is three text messages a day that start with a good morning and end with goodnight. Although you might think it’s alright to talk little, sms conversations are out of question.  Calling is only boring if your partner isn’t interested in you.

The Secret Affair: Is your relationship a big secret that you are not allowed to reveal? That’s because your boyfriend probably doesn’t love you enough to shout it out loud or is extremely ashamed of you. In both cases it’s unacceptable.

You Fight…a Lot: Do you guys have nasty fights that lead to days of no talking? Fighting a little may be good for a healthy relationship but constant quarreling will affect your personal growth. So if the fights aren’t getting any better, you might want to think again about your relationship.

Failed Efforts of Inclusion: If all your efforts to make him a part of your life are usually turned down and he never invites you to accompany him anywhere, you might not be wanted. So if he’s turned down meeting your friends, visiting your parents or even partying with your mates and wants alone time more often than normal, you are in a one-sided relationship. 

Time Together: Your time with him is based on his other plans that do not work out. You are never a priority for him and he makes all kinds of excuses to spend only a few hours with you. If you are with a man like that, you might as well leave.

He Causes You Stress: Instead of keeping you happy he is the cause of all your stress. You worry about all the things you do that he might not like. You are trying so hard to make the relationship work that it’s taking a toll on you and you don’t know what to do. If this is the case you need to take a break soon.

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