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8 Signs of a Unhealthy Relationship

“Love shouldn’t hurt, drag you through an emotional roller coaster, or leave you feeling like less of a person.” – Michelle Hall
Do you feel the same being in a relationship? Then it is time to think about it. Listed here are some signs of an unhealthy relationship.

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  1. Insulting or criticizing

Respect plays an integral role in a relationship. If one partner insults the other partner without reason, the situation becomes tough. Criticizing your partner on small things reduces the respect in a relationship. Where there is no respect, love suffers.

  1. Blackmail

Can a relationship be healthy, if one partner blackmails the other partner? Emotional blackmail makes a beautiful relationship suffer. A relationship should be based on trust and equality. If there is no mutual trust and equality, it is better to let go of such a relationship.

  1. Abuse

A person in an abusive relationship has to suffer emotional turmoil. It is tough to survive in an abusive relationship. Especially, if one partner physically abuses the other partner, there is no love left.

  1. Suspicion and doubt

Checking your partner’s email and phone means, you do not trust him anymore. There is no place for suspicion in a true love relationship. Keeping a tab on your partner is not a good sign.

  1. Absence of communication

A relationship thrives on communication and transparency. If there is an absence of communication, it will suffer. Being in such a relationship does not serve any purpose. But, one can give it a second chance by initiating communication.

  1. Selfish behavior

If one partner thinks selfishly, it affects the other partner also. Marriage or a love relationship is about sharing and caring. There is no room for selfishness in the relationship. Most relationships suffer due to this reason.

  1. Feeling jealous

Love is about feeling happy for the person you love. Jealousy has no role to play in a relationship. If one partner gets jealous, it is the end of love. Jealousy and love cannot go together. Many people also want to gain control in a relationship. No person can stay happy in this state of mind.

  1. Feeling lonely

Most couples are going through this phase today. If you feel lonely being in love or a relationship, there is no point in continuing the relationship.

Evaluate these signs of an unhealthy relationship and call it quits if these signs are prevalent in your relationship. – magforwomen

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