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9 Flirting Mistakes Girls Make

9 Flirting Mistakes Girls Make

Flirting can be fun but if you don’t make the right moves, you can ruin everything. The right flirting skills will not only help you impress a guy but they may also help you find out your Mr. Right. Listed here are some common flirting mistakes made by girls.

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  1. Avoiding eye contact won’t help at all. A lot of girls are too coy or hesitant to maintain an eye contact. It is important to make an eye contact with the guy. Make sure that you gaze just for a few seconds and then withdraw. You can repeat this after a few minutes. Don’t forget to smile a bit while looking into his eyes.
  2. Staying alone with him all the time won’t be a good idea. You can talk to him for half an hour alone and then go to your friends for a few minutes. This will make him miss you and talk to you more.
  3. Forgetting to compliment the guy is one mistake most girls make. A lot of girls think that compliments will give wrong indications to the guy. The fact is that guys like compliments. You can compliment him about his biceps, hairdo or even a simple thing like his accent.
  4. You may think that touching the guy will make him feel that you are desperate for a relationship or for him. The fact is that the right touch can ignite feelings in his heart. You can shake hands and stand right next to him so that your shoulder touches his shoulder twice or thrice.
  5. Moving too fast or too slow is one of the worst flirting mistakes. Don’t try to be his best friend when you meet him for the first time. Don’t try to dig into his past. On the other hand, moving too slow will also ruin things. Don’t stay quiet most of the time. Don’t be too shy to shake hands. Just go with the flow, talk about the present and crack cute jokes.
  6. Overconfidence can kill your flirting skills. Therefore, you should keep your body language toned down. You should not laugh a lot. Just give him a few pleasant smiles.
  7. Being too nice is not a good idea. Be yourself even if you like the guy too much. Being too nice may make him feel that you are overacting.
  8. Don’t take flirting for granted if you have good communication skills. You have to dress well and look attractive while flirting.
  9. You shouldn’t avoid showing him that you love yourself. You can play with your jewelry and hair while talking to him. Make sure you don’t overdo it.

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