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YouTuber has nose broken after cash machine robbing prank goes horribly wrong

Credit: YouTube/RecklessYouth

A prank from 2014 is gaining renewed attention as viewers watch a YouTuber’s ill-conceived stunt backfire, resulting in a broken nose.

The prank, originally performed by the YouTube channel Reckless Youth, involved a scenario where one person pretended to withdraw money from an ATM while another person would pretend to rob them on the street.

In the video, a person dressed in shorts and a white tank top would be at the cash machine, while another person wearing a mask would approach, shouting “Give me the money” and engaging in a mock struggle.

It’s evident that there are several issues with this prank, including the fact that it’s not a genuine prank since both participants are aware of the joke.

Moreover, attempting to simulate a robbery in broad daylight, with onlookers nearby, increases the likelihood of someone stepping in to intervene, especially considering the apparent difficulty the “robber” faced in obtaining the money.

The flaws in the prank were apparent in earlier attempts shown in the video, as people consistently intervened to stop the altercation, forcing the YouTubers to explain that it was all a prank to prevent any physical altercations.

Despite the questionable nature of the prank, the YouTubers persisted until it took a disastrous turn. During their routine of feigning a robbery while someone used the ATM, one of the bystanders who intervened had no tolerance for the situation.

As the YouTubers grappled on the ground, several men rushed over to restrain the “robber,” and one of them landed a punch on his face before he could utter the words “It’s a prank.”

The sound of the punch connecting was audible, and the fake perpetrator immediately began screaming “It’s a prank” repeatedly while writhing in pain. The punch had broken his nose, resulting in blood dripping onto the ground.

After the incident, the YouTubers claimed they were conducting a “social experiment” to test people’s reactions to a robbery, but they were taken aback by the overwhelmingly negative response.

Public opinion of the so-called prank was highly critical, with many stating that the YouTuber “got what he deserved.” Others emphasized that there was no scenario where he wouldn’t get injured. Some remarked, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” while many expressed a lack of sympathy for the defense of “It’s a prank.”

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