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You Trump haters got it all wrong again

Is Donald Trump worst President

Sherree Klein has gone insane and blaming trump for the shortage of work due to unjustified $600 a week unemployment payment.

The initial summary of the bill proposed by the Democratic House was ranged from
$600 and $1400 per person. The Republicans and Trump administration tried to fix it by limiting it to actual wages paid. But the foolish Pelosi, his supporters, and Democrats and decided to give taxpayer dollars away for more votes in the future than to be intelligent business people.

Eventually, Trump approved the bill when the Republican Senate gave up opposing it. Republicans fought to decrease the amount of the relief but Biden and foolish Schumer did an end-around and passed the bill anyway.
Sherree, you Trump haters got it all wrong again. Stop giving attention to the fake news and duplicitous Democrats and turn over a new relief.

Rick Robert
Village of Santiago

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