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Woman left stunned after mother-in-law came to her wedding dressed in white gown: ‘mad, and madder, and f**king furious’

Image Credit: @jazzyhop555/TikTok

Weddings are the one time when it all revolves around you, so it’s hardly surprising that one bride was angry when she found her soon-to-be mother-in-law was wearing an almost similar gown to her own on her big day.

Jasmine, a mother, and wife appeared on TikTok last week to share her puzzling story with her followers, just after marrying her husband in a beautiful beach ceremony. Yet there was one cloud hanging over on the couple’s day: as a wedding guest, you’re not expected to do much more than show up, dance, and celebrate the happy couple.

Yet, there are a few unspoken expectations that come with turning up, one of which is that you don’t make it look like you’re the bride. This isn’t all that difficult, given that bridesmaids’ attire is so different from your average dress. That’s why there are shops devoted to wedding gowns, but Jasmine’s mother-in-law didn’t seem to mind twinning with the bride according to the Tyla.

Jasmine uploaded a photo from her wedding day on TikTok, showing her looking stunning in her white gown and veil, while another woman in a white gown stood on the opposite side of her new husband. Jasmine revealed that she was keen to appear beautiful on her wedding day and went shopping with her mother-in-law for a white, lace, sequin gown.

The bride was so focused on her big day that she admitted that not even someone ‘wearing a white dress’ could distract her, but when she looked at images the next day, she became ‘mad, and madder, and f**king furious’. Rather than wearing a garment of any other color, the mother-in-law wore her own white, sequin, mermaid-style gown.

Jasmine’s husband offered no explanation for his mother’s clothing choice, and Jasmine claimed she was ’embarrassed’ about how she and her mother-in-law would have appeared during the wedding.

“I can’t even put into words now that my mother-in-law wore the same dress as on my wedding day, it hurts my soul, it ruined all the pictures on my day,” she said. The couple told the mother they weren’t pleased with her choice, and she apologized through text.

But it quickly became evident that she wasn’t truly sorry, since that Christmas she sent out a letter with a photo from the wedding, complete with her in her white gown for everyone to see. Or, as the mother-in-law allegedly later said, her ‘cream’ dress. That doesn’t make much of a difference. After sharing her story, Jasmine got an outpouring of love from viewers, with many telling her that she will look ‘beautiful’ on her wedding day no matter what.


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While others said her husband should have stood up to his mother more on the wedding day, Jasmine said they were both so focused on having a wonderful time that they weren’t ‘phased’ by her dress. Jasmine and her husband had not talked with their mother-in-law since the birth of their first child.

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