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Woman leaves date early after man requests money for parking and ‘never comes back’

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A woman shared her “worst first date” on the social media site and parenting forum Mumsnet and invited other members to share their worst dates as well. She stated that she once went on a date with a man she had met on a dating app who suggested meeting at what he called “a very swanky bar”.

The woman claimed that he spent the entire night speaking about money, “how much he earned, how must his house cost, his investments, and how much the round of drinks he just bought us came to”. He kept stressing “how expensive the drinks on the menu were,” even though meeting there was his idea.

When he wasn’t talking about money, the forum member said, he’d ask strange things like, “If you could be any chocolate bar, what would you be and why?” They had to reassemble the train, which was “absolutely rammed” because they were from the same town.

He “pretty much knocked me clean out trying to race me for it” as she pointed out an open seat. He sat down “looking all smug,” so she decided to dump him and take the next carriage instead. Another woman mentioned that she previously went on a blind date and that they had agreed to meet at a seaside town car park before walking around the town and finding a café.”

He came in a camper van and said, ‘Jump in, I know a great beach nearby,’ “However, the woman told him that she would rather not as she had never met him before. When she said that she wanted to stick to the plan, “he was a bit put out but then asked for money so he could park his van”. The woman gave him some money but “he never came back”.

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Apparently, he drove home then texted her to say “he’d left because he’d been offended and then asked for another date”. On another first date, a woman mentioned that the man asked her to his house because he was cooking a nice dinner. “I take a bottle of wine, we sit down at the table and he brings it out and puts it in front of me.” When the woman saw what he had cooked, she was “shocked” and “mortified”.

The man had made frozen Chicken Kyiv, frozen oven chips, and spaghetti. “I thought he was taking the piss at first but he was being deadly serious and thought he’d done a grand job,” she explained. Commenting on the disaster date, another user said: “What’s wrong with chicken, fries, and spaghetti? Maybe he’s not used to cooking and for him, it was a big achievement!”

Another described her “ridiculous” first date with a university friend. He requested her to dress up before the date because they were going to an event. He then picked her up and drove her to a community center. “The event was a prize giving for his cricket club and I looked ridiculous in my nice dress! I couldn’t even leave as he’d driven and I had no idea where I was,” she said.

Another forum poster revealed her embarrassing dating story about going on a blind double date with a man who “didn’t say a word to her the entire evening. She added that they went for lunch, bowling, and then back to their work flat to watch a film and he never say a thing to her which made the whole experience “awful”.

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