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Heartless thieves tricked blind pensioner with fake ambulance as wife lay dying

Two heartless scumbags tricked blind man into believing they were calling an ambulance – when they were in fact stealing from him as he comforted his dying wife.

Callous Steven Morris, 45, and Kelly Cassidy, 42, carried out the sick crime after blind Ronald Crowther, 87, rushed into the street to seek help as wife Dorothy fell ill.

They then followed the victim into his home under the premise they would phone an ambulance.

Heartbreaking CCTV footage captured them entering the home and was shared by the couple’s family in an appeal for information.

Images from the footage show Mr Crowther in the street knocking on neighbours’ doors in a bid to get help seconds before the thieves arrive on the scene.

Believing the thieves were helping him by ringing for an ambulance, Mr Crowther went upstairs to be with Dorothy, who had suffered an aneurysm and later died in her bed.

But the culprits helped themselves to cash and a iPhone from Dorothy’s handbag that had been left on a table downstairs before fleeing the house in Brierfield, Lancs.

After leaving the house, the pair can be seen on camera wiping fingerprints from the door handle before running off.

Before the theft, there is footage of the duo trying all the front door handles of houses on the street.

The shocking incident occurred at 3am on October 16 last year.

Detectives probing the case arrested Cassidy and Morris two days later and charged them with burglary.

Morris was sentenced to four years and three months and Cassidy was jailed for two and a half years at Burnley Crown Court on Monday.

The pair, both of Nelson, Lancs., had pleaded guilty to burglary at an earlier hearing.

DS Phil McGauley, of East CID, said: “This was a shocking and despicable crime committed against elderly victims at a time when they were at their most vulnerable and in need of urgent help.

“Rather than provide that help, Morris and Cassidy took it upon themselves to commit this callous burglary for their own selfish gains.

“I have been investigating burglaries for many years and cannot comprehend how someone can be so cruel to commit an offence like this.

“My thoughts remain with the victim of this offence and his family who have acted with great bravery and dignity throughout this investigation.

“I am also very grateful to all those who shared their CCTV with us and those who had the fortitude to come forward with information in relation to this offence and the identities of those who committed this callous crime.”

Married for more 60 years, the loving couple had lived in the same home all their married life. It previously belonged to Dorothy’s parents.

After her husband was blinded in a works accident in the 1970s, former dinner lady Dorothy had devoted her life to taking care of Ronald.

Speaking after the sentencing, the couple’s daughter, Janet, said: “Yesterday was a bad day as it just brought it all back what we have gone through this last few months.

“But they have got what they deserved; maybe it should have been longer but they have now got time to reflect on what they have done.

“Just maybe if he [Morris] had rang the emergency services as he promised to which he never did as the CID checked Mum may still be with us.

“I can only thank Phil and his team who dealt with the case for all they did in bringing them to court for sentencing and their kindness towards Dad and me.

“And the media for all their help and efforts. Hopefully now we can finally move on, although obviously Mum will never be forgotten.”

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