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Woman found stabbed to death ‘clutching bodies of her three grandchildren’

A woman was found stabbed to death, reportedly clutching the bodies of her three young grand-kids, after a savage knife massacre.

Tatyana Krutova, 45, was looking after Veronika, eight, and twins Dmitry and Mikhail when their parents went for a walk.

The children’s mother, Irina Klepinina, contacted police when she came back to find she was locked out of the apartment building in the town of Likino-Dulyovo, close to the Russian capital, Moscow.

Inside were her three children, her mother and the suspect.

The police broke down the door and made the gruesome discovery of the dead bodies of the four victims, who had been stabbed ‘multiple times’.

The Sun reports that the dead gran was found clutching the bodies of her two-year-old twin grandkids who she tried to save from the knifeman.

Officers also found the suspect, who was in a state of ‘violent insanity’, according to local media.

Sergey Morozov, 32, was arrested in connection with the alleged attack for killing the woman, as well as her granddaughter, 8, and her twin grandsons, both aged 2 on March 7.

Local media reported that he had mental problems, but there has been no official confirmation, and photos of the suspect on social media show him enjoying his travels, nights out at bars, and even attending foam parties.

The case is currently being investigated by the Investigative Committee of Russia under the personal leadership of the authority’s director, Alexander Bastrykin.

A neighbour was reported to have told 360TV: “The couple were never without their children, they were always with them.

“This is just the best family.”

Another child, Olga, six, was reportedly not present when her siblings and grandmother were killed.

Morozov was said to have travelled to Egypt and Turkey, and is the son of Tatyana’s sister Marina Morozova.

The committee said he had been detained on suspicion of murdering the woman and her grandchildren.

Investigations are ongoing into the alleged crime.

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