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Video: Confused Biden Gaffes Again

Biden Cancels

In yet another major gaffe, President Biden told the American people that “anybody making less than $400k a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.”

You hear that? Not one single penny in taxes.

Of course, that’s ludicrous. It’s absolutely ridiculous and he didn’t actually mean it. It was a colossal mistake. He almost had it right, but he was confused on the specific details of what he was supposed to say.


I know they would never have done such a thing for President Trump if he had made such a colossal mistake. They would have held him to it. They would have demanded that he publicly acknowledge the mistake or blast him for his failure to keep his promise. They would have mocked him being stupid enough to make such a mistake.

But will people actually hold President Biden to this promise? Will they demand that he publicly walk it back and acknowledge his huge mistake, thereby admitting that he got confused because he’s getting a little slower and not quite as cognitively sharp as he once was?

Or will the media and the White House cover for him by running stories explaining what he probably meant? Will they dismiss it as another adorable gaffe by their beloved leader and say it would be ridiculous to hold him to such an absurd and obviously mistakenly-made promise?

I’ll tell you the answer.

Liberal “fact-checkers” at Snopes have already explained to the nation that “Biden clearly misspoke when he said people making less than $400,000 ‘will not pay a single penny in taxes.”

They think you’re stupid. They think you’re an idiot that they can manipulate if they explain it to you in just the right way. And they definitely don’t want you to see that Biden is an idiot, so they explained that “in his past statements on his economic plan, Biden has claimed that people making less than $400,000 ‘won’t pay a penny more in taxes.’”

Yes, thank you, Snopes. We already knew what he said and we’re smart enough to understand what he meant to say. We’re not as stupid as you think.

We’re also smart enough to recognize that you don’t want us to dwell on his major mistake.

The problem is that he very clearly and explicitly stated that people making less that $400k would not pay “a single penny in taxes.” And the fact that his cognitive decline is so serious that he didn’t realize what he was saying or how preposterous the statement was is alarming. And perhaps more alarming is that the media is intent on covering for him again, as though they are his hired public relations consultants.

What’s more interesting, Snopes would have you believe that he’s been perfectly clear this entire time about his tax plan. But that’s simply not the case. This is just the latest in confusing statements. White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained once that what Biden really means is “families,” rather than individuals making more than $400k, which is specifically what was promised during his campaign.

What that means is that married couples who individually make less than $400k annually, but which amounts to a combined income of more than $400k, would see a tax income. So was he outright lying to the American people during his campaign and the first days of his presidency? Was he intentionally misleading the American people? Or was he just confused once again? Did he just not realize what he was saying because of his obvious cognitive decline?

And that’s a huge issue. Does President Biden know what he’s saying on a day to day basis? Does he know what documents he’s signing? Is he aware of the decisions being made? Or is he just doing his best to fake his way through it, trying to recite as many details as he can remember in order to look like he knows what he’s talking about?

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