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Unsolved Texas Mystery: Was the Real Killer Released? The Chilling Story of Brittany McGlone


Over a decade ago, in a quiet Texas town, the unthinkable occurred. Brittany McGlone, just 19 years old, met a tragic end in her boyfriend’s residence. But as the years rolled on, her murderer remained elusive. The shocking event turned the lives of those close to her upside down. “Living in fear is an understatement,” says her tormented mother.

Tonight, People Magazine Investigates takes a deep dive into the harrowing case in an episode called “Dead in Bed.” Watch it exclusively on ID at 8/7c and Max streaming. (Get a sneak peek with the exclusive clip below.)

As past records reveal, the young woman was assaulted while she was asleep in her boyfriend’s house in Winnsboro, Texas. Though he reported discovering her lifeless body after a brief absence from the house, the story has more layers than meets the eye.

In a shocking twist in 2022, Chad Carr was apprehended and charged with Brittany’s murder. But justice seemed to slip through the fingers once again as he was released due to insufficient evidence, told KETK.

“It felt like a storm all over again,” recalls Brittany’s sister, Hope. Her emotions echoed with many, “To say I’m furious would be putting it lightly.”

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