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NHS nose job blagger is pregnant and hopes to cash in on bump ‘fetishists’ on OnlyFans

A woman who blagged a nose job on the NHS has come up with a new money-making scheme.

After admitting to faking depression in order to get the free cosmetic surgery, Carla Bellucci set up an OnlyFans page.

The mum-of-three has made £40,000 from the adults only subscription service, where she posts her “naughtiest pictures”.

And even though the 39-year-old has fallen pregnant, she doesn’t plan to stop working on the website.

Carla, who is due in five months, is adamant she’ll keep being a “yummy mummy”.

She hopes to cash in on kinky fans who are attracted to women with baby bumps, which could increase her earnings even more.

Carla, from Hitchin, Herts, told Fabulous: “I’m going to keep going with my OnlyFans.

“I reckon there’s a big market for people with pregnancy fetishes and at the end of the day I still need to make money.

“People go on the beach in bikinis while they’re pregnant – what’s the difference? I’m not nude!”

While the influencer is willing to flaunt her bump online, she doesn’t plan on sharing photos of the newborn when it arrives.

She worries her little one will feel the wrath of trolls – but will consider posting pictures if “somebody offers the right price”.

Carla said: “The baby hasn’t got a choice to be put up there and the way trolls are… I went into this industry very naive, I didn’t realise we’d be getting death threats.

“I feel like I have a duty to protect this baby because people hate me more than they ever had…

“I’d want a good magazine deal, I’d want around £15,000.”

The mum is excited for her little one to arrive.

She was “shocked” to fall pregnant as she’s turning 40 this year and her partner is 51-years-old.

Two of Carla’s kids are 18 and 15-years-old, while her partner’s daughter is 24.

The mum hopes her children will follow in her footsteps by becoming influencers themselves.

When schools were shut during lockdown, she said: “I decided my kids were going to use this time to focus on becoming famous and helping me with my career by taking snaps of me.”

Previously, the parent said her daughter relies on looks rather than getting a school education.

Carla told Closer magazine: “Tanisha isn’t the most academic of girls, so I don’t really care about her education, unlike with my boys.

“She will need to rely on her looks to get on in life so she will need to be perfect. Ugly people get nowhere these days.”

The mum explained she supports her daughter’s quest to look like Kim Kardashian in the future – and would prefer her kid went on Love Island than got a law degree.

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