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Donald Trump’s ‘standard operating procedure’ at BLT Prime revealed: report

Donald Trump has a standard operating procedure every time he dines at the BLT Prime at Trump’s International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump has his own place at BLT Prime, and the staff who attends the former president’s need have to follow a strict protocol from offering a drink to maintaining an appearance.

Donald Trump allegedly had SOP at BLT Prime

The guests at Trump Hotel DC can dine at BLT Prime, a steak restaurant by David Burke. When former President Donald Trump visits the restaurant, the staff follows a script, and Washingtonian got a copy of the document called Standard Operating Procedure. It outlines the step-by-step procedure on how staff should welcome and serve Trump whenever he dines at BLT Prime.

According to the document, when Trump was seated, a server had to discreetly present him a mini bottle of Purell hand sanitizer. It happened before COVID-19, and it wasn’t a shock to those who knew the ex-POTUS, whom many described as a germophobe.

The server has to offer a diet Coke and asks Trump if he wants it with or without ice. There are directions from opening the beverage in front of Trump to pouring it in his glass.

Trump always occupied Table 72, and he always ordered the same thing — shrimp cocktail, well-done steak, and fries. Sometimes he also ordered apple pie or chocolate cake for dessert. The manual also included how the server should open a mini glass bottle of Heinz ketchup in front of Trump, making sure that he hears the seal making the “pop” sound.

The staff also prepares snacks for Trump — a tray of junk food that includes Lay’s potato chips (sour cream and onion), Milky Way, Snickers, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Tic Tacs, gummy bears, Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Nutter Butters, Tootsie Rolls, chocolate-covered raisins and Pop-Secret.

Staff had to maintain an appearance

The staff had to maintain a certain appearance while working at the President’s hotel. Based on its Appearance & Grooming Policy, men should limit their facial hair to a quarter-inch. Meanwhile, women should limit their fingernail length to eights-of-an-inch maximum.

Also, the female staff has an unspoken rule for an attire of only wearing dresses or skirts. Although pants are permitted, those who do usually received disapproving look. One said when she wore a pair of pants, she usually pairs it with a nice blazer and heels.

“I always tried to dress like a Fox News anchor,” a former female manager said.

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