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‘Talk about low energy’: Trump’s spiral into irrelevancy brutally mocked by reporter

Is Donald Trump worst President

Ex-American President Trump has decided to issue a formal press release as hat he is no longer allowed to tweet, but Politico reporter Jack Shafer thinks that his efforts to stay related are “half-hearted” at finest.

In his newest column, Shafer highlighted that Trump has incredibly unresponsive since he left the White House in January. He has mostly ignored public appearances outside of the occasional phone call to Fox News.

He writes, “The former president spent most of his exile in the minimum-security prison that is Mar-a-Lago, where he keeps a vigil over the banquet table, gives half-hearted speeches to tens of supporters about the ‘stolen election,’ exposes his kissable ring to the lips of supporters and golfs”.
Shafer says that Trumps’ threat to establish a rival Twitter media network is not going anywhere. Moreover, he is not fighting back to get back to Facebook.

“Trump’s media presence has tanked and Google searches of his name have collapsed,” he writes. “Talk about low energy.”

Shafer also showed the hope of his political comeback in the next few years. Then he argued on his current path that isn’t taking him anywhere.

“Trump has voluntarily set aside his publicity hoggery, and the media diet continues to slim him,” he concludes. “Never count the old porker out, but feel free to count him down.”

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