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Trump's Supporters Say Would Choose

It all started with criticism on Wednesday afternoon with First Lady Jill Biden after she wrong attempt of speaking Spanish. Controversial looking flag is major point of attention in the video when First lady tries to speak foreign language and failed. During an event Jill Biden state, the remarks on the birthday of Cesar Chavez, a left-wing labor leader and activist who had a clear and great history of making remarks towards immigrants.

It’s ‘Si se puede’ (Yes you/we can) not ‘Si se pwadueh,’” RGA Deputy Communications Director Joanna Rodriguez, who is fluent in Spanish, tweeted. “I can’t even imagine what word she was trying to say. Seriously why even try pandering if you’re going to butcher it and not practice before?!”

“Si se what???? I am 100% sure some will clearly tell Jill Biden ‘puadray’ is not exist in whole Spanish dictionary,” Journalist Dania Alexandrino, who is a native Spanish speaker, tweeted. “For those who are celebrating her effort, yeah NO! Very far from ‘Si se Puede’ which means ‘Yes (we) can.’ We in parenthesis because it can also be yes you can!”.

So that after when the clip went viral, many of the journalists as well as commentators also called the attention to the flag that was behind to the First lady, which is appearing to resemble Nazi imagery. This is the clear statement that the flag was official flag of United Farm Workers of America. So, the organization claims after this incident that the eagle is features on the flag was also designed by Cesar Chavez’s brother.

The major context of the black eagle, the movements symbols exemplify Chavez’s skill as a tactician. He done some research in emblems that include cigarette boxes and also Nazi flags, and came to the point that focus on the color combination was red, black and white, showing a gesture of the good example he gives some image of eagle and said to his brother to draw the bird simply. With this anyone could easily replicate the symbol of the flag.

Christian Datoc Daily Caller correspondent White House wrote: “Questioning the @FLOTUS staffers who thought it was a good idea to put their boss in front of what looks like a giant Nazi eagle.”

Ian Miles Cheong Human Events Managing Editor wrote: “Is Jill Biden standing in front of a derivative of the Nazi flag? Let’s get some fact checkers on that.”

Chavez said. “It gives pride…When people see it, they know it means dignity.”

On the other hand, the organization says that Richard Chavez “squared off the wing edges so that the eagle would be easier for union members to draw on the handmade red flags that would give courage to the farm workers with their own powerful symbol.”

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