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Trump Sent Out An Official Statement That Had Social Media Users Questioning The Former President’s Mental Health

Speaking with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly recently that Donald Trump doesn’t miss having a social media platform, saying, “I’m doing, I think, and you just alluded to it; I do press releases.

And frankly, they’re more elegant than tweeting, as the expression goes, they’re really much more elegant, and the word is getting out.” Well, we all of us have seen Trump’s Juvenile press releases that read exactly likewise his crazy-time tweets

Trump’s report asks, “Where’s Durham?” Ex Attorney General Bill Jhon Durham to manage the inquiry into the roots of the Russia probe, and that hasn’t moved out the way the ex-president expected. Still, Durham is continuing that investigation in his position as a special advisor.

Trump wants reinforcement to his demands of a “Russian hoax,” and that hasn’t worked out very well. Also, Barr did not support the ex-president’s claims of public voter fraud.

Why is Trump inviting for a wellness check on Durham? I’m anyhow portraying Trump stove away and restrained the passageway of Mar-a-Lago while whispering something about winning the election, “Hooked” Hillary, Durham, and of course, ‘Dozy’ Joe Biden. I’m not sure why Trump’s followers don’t see how insane he is. Perhaps they are shocked bounded to the narcissistic ex-president. Who Knows?

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