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Former Inside Source Claimed Trump Has Paid For His Mistresses To Have Abortions: “Housekeeper Refused And Had His Baby And Fled To Mexico”

In a Former tweet, he all but asked that the “Lamestream Media” be “forced to acknowledge sources” so that Americans (meaning him) could believe what’s being communicated to the public-Claiming that many media holes are forming their sources when they put collectively critical stories against him.

The entire Twitter Outbreak was just a dumpster fire to the nth degree, and an ex-Trump insider wasn’t holding it. Noel Casler, a former worker on Trump’s reality TV shows the assistant- Whom we cover here often thanks to all his bombshells concerning the guy that “runs” our nation- took to his Twitter account to declare a response to Donald’s hissy attack with yet another huge bombshell against the president that we’ve come to awaits from the Trump employee-turned stand-up comedian.

But it was casler’s follow up tweet that got our care this time, in which he asserted that Donald has an illegal child somewhere in Mexico after he produced a caretaker and she declined to abort likewise other wives had been ordered to do by the husband that would later become the president of the USA and then if he would later become the president of the USA.

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