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Trump Likely Won’t Be Happy As New Data Shows Only 41% Of Republicans Want Him Leading The GOP

Donald Trump is very clearly desperate to keep his name prominent and prevalent in the world of Republican politics. But the fact of the matter is, he’s nothing more than a private citizen these days with no Twitter account, and very few friends to his name after that pesky Capitol insurrection his supporters pulled. And frankly, things just keep getting worse for the guy.

A new poll from a reputable Republican pollster found that only a measly 41 percent of right-leaning people are interested in another Trump-led Republican party.

Republican pollster Echelon Insights reports:

The tricky part is, a majority of Republicans do want Trump to run for President again.

PoliticusUSA reports, “there are signs that Trump’s support within the Republican Party itself is far from dominant, and in terms of the overall electorate, just 32% of all voters in the Republican poll wanted Trump to run again.”

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