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Woman issues warning about getting ‘free cosmetic work’ done after her lips grew painfully big

(Image: TikTok/@jessicacaileyburko)

A lady who gained notoriety after receiving lip filler that caused her lips to swell up was cruelly criticized online for looking like a character from the Netflix animated series Big Mouth.

Jessica Cailey Burko, who uses the handle @jessicacaileyburko to post on social media, released a video of the “worst day of her life” in which she experienced a complete “cosmetic nightmare.” The fashion influencer recorded herself applying a numbing cream to her lips in preparation for lip filler.

Since the swelling was so severe that her lips appeared to be ten times their normal size soon after the treatment, she was compelled to hide them with a face mask.

She clarified in a later clip: “This doctor was doing a giveaway, so we went. “He followed all of his instructions. “He wiped my lips clean. I gave him the desired picture, and to be completely honest, as soon as he started injecting me, I saw how bloated I was and thought, “Holy sh*t.”

“Then I thought, ‘Maybe it’s because I haven’t had my lips done in probably more than a year. By the time I reached my car, I was aware of their swelling.
It wasn’t typical.

Burko afterward appeared to be making fun of herself while claiming to be attending a Euphoria audition, despite the fact that trolls felt she looked more like Nick from Big Mouth. “Y’all have seen the show Big Mouth?” asked one person.

“Should be auditioning for Big Mouth,” another person said. Yet a third user made a Monsters Inc. comparison, writing: “Can we laugh since you look like that character from Monsters Inc.”

“Looks like Randall wanted to take your cries,” a fourth person said. More than 8 million people watched the TikTok video because some of her followers thought she might be experiencing an allergic reaction.

She claimed that the swelling increased over time until she made the decision to have them removed. Since then, the swelling has subsided.

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