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Melania Trump’s personal touch on White House laid bare as Donald hints at 2024 run

MELANIA TRUMP now lives with Donald Trump in their Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, after the former President’s election defeat to Joe Biden – but the former First Lady has changed the way, the White House is designed.

On January 20 Mrs. Trump and the former US president left the White House when the Biden government was inaugurated. According to the report while serving as First Lady Mrs. Trump made to the White House changes, including statutes and “restoration” projects. The Washington report claim that the former First Lady added a variety of refurbishments to the 132-room White House. Mrs. Trump added a bronze statue by Isamu Noguchi, a renovation of the East Room, and new fabrics to replace sun-damaged upholstery and walls in the Red Room.

Possible projects were also carried out, which include the modernization of the sub-basement curatorial storage room and restoration of historical wooden doors that had been dinged by presidential dogs over the decades. The affirmed post came from the Presidency office that she carried out several “restoration projects” while living in the White House. They said: “She is passionate about the historic preservation of the White House and its grounds, ensuring history and beauty are preserved for generations to come.” More from Washington Post that Mrs. Trump also redesigned the White House Rose Garden in 2020, sparking outrage from Twitter users. And the White House Historical Association’s President also confirmed Mrs. Trump took an interest in the building.

On the other hand, the redesigned garden saw roses and trees planted by Jackie Kennedy in 1961 lifted for a “plainer look”. Twitter user said: “I normally think Melania has impeccable taste – but removing Jackie O’s rose garden and all the beautiful flowers and color, for whatever reason, I find upsetting.
“Not to mention not nearly as beautiful. Not everything historical is meant to be redone.”

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