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Long Drive Romance

Long Drive Romance

Long drives can be very romantic if you are planning to drive in your own car with your partner, just don’t keep the planning limited to packing your essentials or what places to visit rather put your creative hat on and make your long drive completely fun and romantic!

Long drive evokes a realization that the things which you encounter along your way will never come back, you are just moving on and this time will never reverse itself just like the things on your way. Ultimately it gives you realization to make the most of that time and cherish every moment that you spend with your beloved. Here are some romantic and really cute ways to make your car a complete love shrine for both of you.

You can read out loud your favorite romantic book to your partner instead of spending the time curled up in the corner reading to yourself.

You can start asking him some intimate questions, for that time is only meant for you to, so invest it into some intimate questioning session or questions that you have always wanted to ask. Take the time to get each other's viewpoints on meaningful and intimate topics.

Keep a CD of romantic love songs and not only listen to them but also sing with your partner. Believe me you’ll be amazed on how quickly the time flies. It will fill your mood with romantic feelings of love and care.

You can also keep a scrapbook or photo album of only pictures from the actual road trip part of your vacation. Make sure to keep your camera handy to record all those moments that make a road trip worthwhile.

Start a story line that involves something you can see from your car at that moment. After a few sentences, it would be your partner's turn to continue the story using something else they can see from the car at that moment.

You can play long drive games like Think of an object or thing. Tell your partner which category it would belong to such as an animal, movie, place, etc. Then your partner can ask up to 20 yes or no questions to figure out what it is. Take turns playing when your partner guesses correctly. Or you can play Travel Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of things you may expect to see on the road such as a call box, a sign in a foreign language, dog in a car, a dirt road, a lake or a pond, someone wearing a hat, a tall building, etc. Whoever finds all the items first gets a free wish fulfilled by the other person.

Just keep you drive fun and romantic with little gestures of care, love songs and games and this will become one of the most beautiful long drives of your life.


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