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Top five Cheap Vacation Spots

top five cheap vacation spots

top five cheap vacation spotsTop five Cheap Vacation Spots

We all need a break from our tough and hectic routines and we need some special pampering in order to shed of everyday stress and tensions by going to different vacation spots. But at times we get disappointed as we have very limited budget and we cannot afford to go to good vacation spots the way we want. But nothing to worry about as we have found the cheapest vacation spots for you where you can have all the fun and relaxation which you wish to have.



Here are Top Five Cheap Vacation Spots:

Thailand vacation spots

Thailand ImagesThailand Vacation Spot Images

All you beach and shopping lovers out there, Thailand is calling you! Yes, Thailand is one of the best and cheap vacation spots of the world and it offers you a perfect package of fun, pampering and luxury. You can enjoy sightseeing, spa treatments, massages, shopping at extremely affordable rates and good hotels are available at very cheap rates with attractive packages. Vacation spots like Thailand are hard to find which offer all the wonderful colors of life in one palette.

Prague vacation spots

Prague vacation spots PicsPrague vacation spots Images 2

Many of us simply imagine a dream holiday in Europe and consider that only the best vacation spots are in Europe. This is actually true to some extent but the vacation spots in Europe are very expensive too. Still, in Europe there are a few vacation spots where you can have an inexpensive vacation. On the list of such vacation spots, Prague tops the list with its economical dining option, budget hotels and breath-taking sightseeing options with rich culture and history. So, mark Prague as one of your most desirable vacation spots.

Egypt vacation spots

Egypt vacation spotsEgypt vacation spots PicsEgypt vacation spots PhotosEgypt is the king of all vacation spots due to its uniqueness and age old history and civilization. The country built beside river Nile is a must visit amongst all the desirable vacation spots of the world. It has one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Pyramids! Also, once you step into Egypt you will feel like as all its cities are telling you their history and story themselves. Yummy Egyptian foods, dances and festivals will keep you entertained all the time unlike many other vacation spots and don’t miss out tasting Sheesha and eating Shawarma and you won’t find such a good Sheesha and Shawarma at any of the other vacation spots in the world. Egypt is one of those ideal vacation spots which give you an insight to Muslim history, culture and traditions.

Dominican Republic vacation spots

Dominican Republic Vacation Spots 1Dominican Republic Vacation Spots 2Cool blue waters, mesmerizing mountain ranges, Spanish dishes and a lot more awaits you at Dominican Republic, one of the perfect vacation spots for extremely tight budget travelers. You can have exquisite foods at most affordable rates and live in great hotels which charge you like other budget hotels but give you services beyond expectations. The luxury within tight budget offered by Dominican Republic is hard to find at any other vacation spots.

Croatia vacation spots

Croatia vacation spots 1Croatia vacation spots 2A little less explored area than other vacation spots, Croatia has regained its lost glory and charm after political instability and war. It is one of the perfect vacation spots because you can stay in hotels for as less as $10 per night and if you are ready to pay a little extra than you can have a villa. The Brac Island is one of the best vacation spots in Croatia and it ensures you truly luxurious vacation.


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