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Top 5 Travel Destinations of 2013

Top Travel Destinations

Traveling in leisure time is the best method to utilize time. One can discover many new things and gain an experience as well if he/she travels to different destinations. One can meet people from different backgrounds and can learn about their heritage and culture which is a good thing indeed. Moreover, one can get thrills and surprises while traveling. It is the out most desire of every person to go on world tour. There are a great number of beautiful places that can surprise humanity. Nature is beautiful beyond our thinking and one must give a visit to different places to see the beauty of nature. The destinations of 2013 to travel will let you discover the hidden beauty of nature on a budget. You can enjoy with your family and make you trip memorable by traveling to these top five travel destinations of 2013.

• Montenegro

Montenegro PicsMontenegro ImagesMontenegro Wallpaper

If you want to discover prolific and creative nature than you must visit Montenegro as it is very creative and beautiful destination to travel for 2013. The newly independent eastern European country of Montenegro has received a great deal of interest in the travel world. The architecture of Montenegro is wealthy and its mountainous area is ideal for cheap skiing. The culture of Montenegro is totally unique that is deeply rooted in traditions. You can have strong sporting achievement in Montenegro and enchanting music and cuisine as well. Montenegro offer travel at very affordable prices in every season but if you want sunny trip than visit for May to September and skiing season is form December till April.

• New Zealand

New Zealand AttractionsNew Zealand ImagesNew Zealand Pictures

If you are looking for movie related tourism for 2013 than New Zealand is best travel destination for you this year. The blockbuster movie The Hobbit has tremendous visuals of New Zealand’s magical landscape that can compel one to visit this beautiful place. But the beauty of New Zealand is not confined to a movie only, it also offers world’s finest spas, marvelous scenic views and amazing out door activities will definitely be unforgettable for you if you visit New Zealand this year. October and November are best months for visit as these months have longer days of sunshine and you can enjoy truly.

• Seychelles

Seychelles PicturesSeychelles ImagesSeychelles Travel

If you want to seek ultimate paradise experience than Seychelles would be perfect choice for you which are situated in Indian Ocean. It is also the best choice for honeymooners all the time. If you are getting married this year than do give a visit to this beautiful place with your spouse and made your honeymoon a memorable one. Its resorts are completely luxurious and comfortable offering all kind of services. A must see destination of 2013 also offers island-hopping diving, fishing and sailing as well. The Royal family Prince William and Kate Middleton also visited this island last year that shows that it is also good enough for you if it is even good enough for a royal family. But do remember that Seychelles is Warm Island that remains humid throughout the year so do come there in winter season.

• Marseille

Marseille PhotosMarseille Attractions PicsMarseille Images

Marseille is vibrant and colorful city and has been named Europe’s capital culture for 2013. Marseille is a must see destination this year if you want to see the celebration of their stunning Mediterranean culture, Open air concerts, firework displays and food events attract the tourists. Summer season is the best to visit Marseille and you can get cheaper deals in summer season as well.

• Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town PicsCape-Town-PhotosCape Town Images

Cape Town of South Africa has a number of sceneries with lively culture and a wealth of sporting facilities. Its beaches, vineyards, wale watching opportunities made this place a preferable one to visit this year. It has several five star hotels that are waiting to welcome you this year.

These were the top five places of 2013 to visit, so hurry up and pack your luggage for a memorable trip to these destinations.

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