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Playa del Carmen – The Romantic Gateway

Playa del Carmen – An Overview:

Playa del Carmen is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It’s about 40 miles south of Cancun. Playa del Carmen was once a sleepy fishing village, and it has retained its authentic small town like charm. The romantic gateway turns into a sizzling hot romantic spot when the sun goes down and the bars get into full swing. The magical charm sustains till the midnight.

This little Caribbean beach town has gained tremendous popularity during the last decade as it is the most romantic spot to hang out, live or spend vacations. The romantic gateway – Playa del Carmen – has grown along the beach and hence you feel closeness to the deep sea.

Weather And Wear:

Playa del Carmen is mostly, rather always towards warm weather and sometimes its really hot. If you are planning to visit Playa, you must expect sub tropical weather which means high humidity – almost 90% while the temperature goes till an annual average of 27-30C. Weather is usually reliable and you can always enjoy swimming, but exceptions are there!

Spring in Playa del Carmen is between February and May. The ocean is full of flowers which add to the beauty of this romantic spot. Summer that is june till August is really hot, but the sea is crystal clear and of turquoise colour during this time period. You must expect hurricanes if you are planning to visit Playa del Carmen during September to October. November till January is the best time zone to visit Playa as the temperature is very moderate and comfortable.

Pure cotton is the most comfortable option to fight with the hot and humid weather. Hat is a must to stay under a Caribbean sun while open sandals are the best during summer. During the so called winter, you might be needing boots but that is rare. A rain coat should always be kept with if planning to visit Playa del Carmen.

Things To Do While Staying In Playa del Carmen:


The amazing coral reefs with its multitude of marine life have made diving a wonderful experience and center of attraction for most of the visitors. Snorkeling tours are also admired a lot by the tourists as they are the best way to see reef and tropical fish. Golf course is an excellent spot for those who are sick of the sea and want to stay dry.

Cenotes Overview:

Cenotes are all over the place in this region of the Yucatan. Cenotes are a miracle of nature which can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth. The Mayans consider these ‘sinkholes’ – cenotes – sacred and gifted by the gods. Their name for them is dzonot which means cenotes. Many ancient ceramic and precious stone pieces have been found in cenotes, suggesting that ceremonial offerings were made to them. It is common to find skeletal remains of animals and humans in the water-filled underground cave systems of the area. Cenotes are the most attractive feature of the romantic gateway.


Playa del Carmen though famous for diving and Mayan ruins called cenotes, yet the most thrilling experience you can have under the sun is fishing. Serious anglers from all over the world love to fish here in Playa. Many of the world’s most wanted fish swim in the waters of Playa del Carmen.

Exploring The Romantic Gateway – Playa del Carmen:

Strolling along 5th Avenue – La Quinta – is the favourite pastime for vacationers. Most of the time the street is pedestrian only, with a casual esplanade feeling. Playa del Carmen’s beautifully decorated shops and boutiques, offer souvenirs, clothes, handicraft, silver and much more. Open air restaurants create a welcoming ambiance while the bars bring a magical charm when the sun sets, adding romance to this most exotic and romantic spot.

Playa del Carmen is no doubt worth visiting romantic gateway.

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