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Tragic Baton Rouge Incident: Woman Fatally Struck Twice, First by Hit-and-Run Driver, Then by Responding Police Officer

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Photo by wbrz

In a deeply distressing sequence of events, a Baton Rouge woman, identified as 38-year-old Quiana Brown, lost her life after being struck first by a hit-and-run driver and then, just minutes later, by a police officer responding to the accident scene.

The initial tragedy occurred when Quiana Brown was struck by a speeding vehicle, leaving her lying injured on the road as the callous driver fled the scene. Surveillance footage from local station WBRZ captured the aftermath, revealing debris scattered across the highway as the hit-and-run driver callously sped away without rendering aid.

However, the ordeal took an even darker turn. Within a mere ten minutes of the initial incident, a police officer arrived at the accident scene and inadvertently ran over Quiana Brown again.

According to the Baton Rouge Police Department, the officer’s statement was straightforward: “Brown was laying in the roadway, and he didn’t see her.”

The condition of Quiana Brown at the time of the second impact remains uncertain, with officials acknowledging that “it’s unclear whether she was already deceased at the time of the second impact,” as reported by the station.

An eyewitness named Lorraine, who was working at the Q Mart, a convenience store where Quiana Brown was a regular customer, vividly recounted the tragic sequence of events. She recalled seeing Brown waiting to cross the street when she was first struck by a gray sedan.

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