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Stormy Daniels Reacted to Marjorie Taylor Greene, fans are cackling: ‘Bless your heart’

Stormy Daniels and Taylor Greene
Source: yahoo

Former Apprentice star Donald Trump was arrested last week, marking the first time in American history that a current or past president has faced criminal charges. According to The Advocate.

Trump was reportedly probed for his alleged involvement in the 2016 presidential election hush money payment plan and cover-up involving pornographic film actress Stormy Daniels.

The payment of $130,000 in secret money to Daniels is not strictly unlawful, but the point of dispute is the part of his at-the-time attorney, Michael Cohen, who reportedly wrote it off as “legal expenses,” which is a crime in New York under falsifying business records. Trump is said to be facing 30 charges related to business fraud, as per Yahoo reports.

It’s unclear what Trump is being charged for because the information is sealed, but his supporters are outraged, and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene had a few words for Daniels after she posted a thank you to her followers. Greene was not happy and quote-tweeted it.

“Democrat’s policies are so bad that they are relying on their heroine, who is too old and disgusting to make money as a porn star now, so she’s grifting off her lies about Trump.”

It seems like Daniels eventually saw the tweet a few days later and clapped back – for all of our enjoyment. “Oh, Majorie! Bless your heart. In case you haven’t noticed, tiny has a horse fetish. He’s not going to fuck you. Actually….. He might. Carry on. Get it, girl!”


Fans are cackling. “Epic,” one Twitter user wrote. Another said, “Buuuuurn!!!!!”

Trump is currently on his way to New York and is expected to surrender to law enforcement. According to CNN, “the Secret Service is scheduled to accompany Trump in the early afternoon Tuesday to the district attorney’s office, which is in the same building as the courthouse, where he is expected to be arraigned.”

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