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Sources Told CNN That Ivanka Was In A “Bit Of A Panic” After Her Father Ruined Her Potential Political Career

Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner’s Miami

It’s no secret that the now ex-First Daughter Ivanka Trump has had serious political ambitions of her own as she’s watched her daddy dearest tear this country apart from the comfortable and powerful position of the White House these last four years. We’ve heard she’s had her sights set on a run in the GOP-dominant state of Florida and some reports have even gone so far as to claim she’s got her heart set on becoming the first woman President of the United States.

However, it seems that’s a nightmare we may never have to worry about, as CNN reported that Ivanka’s father has pretty much destroyed any chances she may have had at a political career, and his favorite daughter isn’t very happy about it.

Sources spoke with CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett and revealed that both Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have been left wondering what to do after the attack against the Capitol building last week, perpetrated by her father’s supporters and instigated by Trump himself, have left “horrific images” that will undoubtedly follow them wherever they go.

“That has Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump in a bit of a panic as they look to their future,” Bennett said. “I talked to a lot of sources today who say they’re questioning everything now, from where they’re going to live after the White House to what their careers will be.”

Bennett goes on to explain that Jared and Ivanka are well aware that they are longer welcome in the homeplace of NYC, and find it likely that they also won’t be readily accepted in Bedminster, New Jersey, where one of Donald’s many gold courses is located.

She goes on to add that the Capitol riots have made it “very difficult for them to tout any achievements they’ve made inside this administration” that they had planned to use as part of a “farewell tour.”

While many of us were nervous that Trump’s children would try and succeed at carrying on his cruel legacy, it seems that Donald has done what he does best, and screwed that up for them all on his own.

You can watch the clip from CNN here:

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