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MSNBC’s Reid Warns Maricopa Recount “Defiling American Democracy”

One thing we love about Joy Reid is she takes telling you what to believe and how to think, very very seriously.

Most of us don’t operate at the same intelligence as her. She knows this.

She’s like a mother shouting “Stove! Hot!”. Joy knows that the only way to get the “Average Bob” to grasp what she’s trying to tell them is to use words that startle them.

That’s why in her monologue on MSNBC, she titled the voter recount efforts in Maricopa county as “The Absolute Worst”. Never mind genocide in Asia, rigged elections in Venezuela, and terrorists in the middle east. No, the absolute worst is a legally obtained, fully transparent recount ensuring that every vote is counted.

How do you get dim people to see past the obvious charade of transparency, integrity, and the legal process to realize what’s really going on? Easy, you shout scary words loudly and often.

Commoners will eventually bend to your superior intellect.

The words “dismantling democracy”, “charade”, “fake”, “Trump-fawning” “cult” keep getting repeated.

Donald Trump has struck again. His supporters have orchestrated the latest charade aimed at dismantling the single most important feature of our democracy. The right of voters to choose our leaders. That charade is now on display in Phoenix Arizona. Where as you can see from these live camera feeds a FAKE so-called audit is underway to recount the 2.1 million ballots cast in Arizona’s largest county. (bold used for exmphasis not in original transcript)

Now don’t get it twisted. She really doesn’t want to scare you.  Joy just wants to teach you to adopt her worldview. Until you can willingly go with whatever she tells you, she will have to resort to fear tactics until you finally learn. So really, this is your fault.

This is not new. She’s just following the playbook.

BUT…for those of us not as “enlightened” as Joy, her reporting is majorly troubling.

I’ll leave you the whole monologue at the bottom of the article but here are some of the highlights.

Joy portrays President Trump as an evil villain. Using words like “struck again” and “orchestrating the latest charade” makes it seem like he’s the Joker terrorizing Gotham. An odd way to describe a man verifying the legitimacy of the election through lawful means.

Keep in mind, Arizona already had two full on, actual recounts after the November election. Well this “fakey” version is costing tax payers a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. With access seemingly only granted to the Trump fawning news channel, One America News Network.”

“Fakey”? That doesn’t seem correct when describing an approved, legally obtained, taxpayer-funded exercise of American democracy. I doubt Maricopa county is in the habit of investing money into unreal, imaginary things.

Joy makes an issue about the price tag of $150,000. That’s a good point, I mean that’s a lot of money. But what she fails to mention was the estimated cost of the recount in Wisconsin. Thankfully, CNN was kind enough to help their neighboring news outlet with that tidbit.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said Monday that if President Donald Trump’s campaign wants a recount of the razor-thin presidential race in the state, it will need to pay $7.9 million upfront.

It’s interesting how a blue-led recount somehow costs fifty times more than the one being led by good, honest working Americans. Americans that just want to ensure the integrity of the democratic process.

She sends a reporter to harass volunteers and security officers who are making sure everything is done decently and in order. However, the integrity of the audit seems to be the last thing on the mind of the reporter.

He tries repeatedly to lie to get into the facility.

Despite being directed to the proper channels, the reporter won’t have it. He needs to get inside, on his terms, right then. Even if it means lying.

…Republicans baselessly contest any outcome that they don’t happen to like. It’s costing you money while chipping away at press freedoms. And that is why Trump and his cult member’s ongoing efforts to defile American democracy is the absolute worst.

Let’s ignore the four years of relentless Russian collusion accusations from a sore losing left for a second. Also, gloss over where she calls constitutionalists cult members.

Joy Reid, the darling of MSNBC is upset that when she sent a highly aggressive reporter to breach the auditing facility. A very kind, very professional security officer, wouldn’t let him in.

Simply requesting that proper protocol be carried out, in order to ensure the integrity of the audit was the problem. That’s all it took to set Joy off and label a legally sanctioned procedure as an all-out attack to “defile American democracy”

And that’s the scary thing, isn’t it? In a world where absolute conformity to mainstream narratives is absolute, there’s no way to tell what’s true and what’s simply someone angry they didn’t get invited to the dance.

Seems like someone is scraping the bottom of the barrel of fake outrage and needs another helping hand from good ol’ 45.

Unlike Joy and her condescending parenting of the American people. We like to be more cavalier in our approach and let you make your own judgment about things. Catch the segment of Joy Reid yourself on Youtube and below:

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