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Disney princesses’ noses share a negative message to little girls: ‘Finally someone said it’

Could the noses of Disney princesses and villains be sending a negative message to children? One viral TikTok video appears to believe so, and a new rhinoplasty fad may back up the claim.

After releasing a video pointing out what the noses of Disney princesses all have in common, TikTok user @gangbanger_0 received over 5.3 million views, 723,000 likes, and 4,500 comments.

Like the woman who found an “unsettling” Minnie Mouse animation detail in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” the viral video has many people questioning Disney’s animation decisions.

The video, set to the song “Remember You Omnichord” by Mars Bars, softly circles the noses of each princess. The nose is practically the same in each photo, whether it’s Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” or Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”: dainty, slender, and slightly upturned.

When the video shifts to famous Disney villains like Jafar from “Aladdin,” Madame Medusa from “Rescuers Down Under,” or the Evil Queen from “Snow White,” it’s clear that evil-doers’ noses look very different: large, elongated, and frequently aquiline.

“That must be so confusing for a little girl,” read the lyrics at the end. @gangbanger_0 is not the only TikToker who has seen Disney’s noses. Another content creator, @robinreaction, posed to viewers a question: “How much nose is a Disney Princess allowed to have?”

According to @robinreaction, the answer is dependent on when the princess was drawn. The smaller and less defined the nose, the sooner the princess. However, villains in the same films have extremely defined noses, often with details such as deep nasolabial folds or warts.

“One of the easiest ways to tell if a woman is going to be evil, or just very unf**kable, is to see if they have a nose that actually resembles a nose,” @robinreaction posits. While some may disagree with this theory, there is no doubt that the beauty standards of Disney princesses have had an impact on society, as evidenced by the latest cosmetic surgery trends.

On TikTok, search the hashtag #disneyprincessnose and you’ll notice that it has over 640,000 views. It has received over 74 million views under the alias #barbienose. According to Dr. Harun Acipayam, a plastic surgeon and ENT specialist, the Disney princess/Barbie nose is described as “a curved and thin nose [with] a small and rotated (upturned) nose tip.” He goes on to describe it as “a cute and very feminine nose structure.”

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“that’s where I got my insecurities from”

TikTokers were blown away by the viral videos exposing this beauty trend. “Finally someone said it,” TikTok user @akiakki99 wrote in response to @robinreaction‘s video.

“I noticed this as a kid and I HATED it. why was it I could only ever find my nose shape on a villain 😭,” commented @mildlydampsocks. “me and my large nose my whole childhood 🥲,” wrote @redforrampion29.

“planned that’s where I got my insecurities from. Being called a witch from childhood on bc of my nose due to Disney,” shared @die___alexa.

“As a large-nosed child, I integrated this HARD in the ’90s. Now it’s my favorite part of my face and people compliment it, but that struggle was gnarly,” commented @pandorayoungart.

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