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Pregnant woman goes viral after posting video of her baby bump changing shape

Credit: TikTok/@elliyahjade

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after posting a video of her baby bump entirely changing shape. You have to see it to believe it.

TikTok user @elliyahjade posted a video on the social media site showing how her baby bump dramatically changed in a matter of seconds. “Exposing myself here,” she wrote in the caption, before asking: “But what the fuck was my kid [doing] in there”.

In the clip, @elliyahjade’s baby bump protrudes out at the bottom, before quickly jerking upwards and taking a more rounded shape. “I’ve never been so freaked out but amazed,” one person said in the comments section in response to the clip.

For others, the baby’s movement sparked gender speculation, with many believing that the new mother was carrying a boy. “Awww I feel like you gonna have a boy,” one person said in the comments section, as another wrote: “Def a boy.”

Others were surprised by the baby’s movement, with many speculating that the new mother was having a boy. “Guys!!! I’ve had the baby.. little boy.”


Exposing myself here. But what the fuck was my kid doikg in there back then loool. #ftp #fyp #babytok #state

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Despite much speculation on the internet and throughout history about whether the position of a baby bump may indicate gender, this is not true. “The shape of your bump is determined by the muscle tone in your stomach and the number of babies,” explains the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). “It definitely isn’t a predictor of your baby’s sex.”

Other pregnant symptoms, such as cravings, are not indicators of a baby’s gender, according to the NCT. The NCT rejected the traditional wives’ tale that craving salty foods indicates a boy and sweet foods indicate a girl as a myth. “Cravings can be a sign of things your body needs, for example wanting to chew ice can mean a low-iron level. But they aren’t a gender predictor,” the NCT points out. “The only real predictor of your baby’s sex is a skilled sonographer and a scan room.”

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