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Woman who dragged puppy to its death after pulling the lead too hard jailed

A woman has been jailed after she dragged a puppy so hard along the ground by its lead it died.

Rebecca Schroederus, 48, took her parents’ English bulldog, named Dolly, for a walk in Brookfield, Wisconsin in the US.

She pulled the five-month-old dog through the grass and along the pavement, which caused her to bleed from the mouth.

The dog died the next day after showing signs of strangulation to her windpipe.

Schroederus was charged in August 2019 with felony mistreatment of animals, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Last month she was convicted after pleading no contest in exchange for additional charges being dismissed.

She was jailed for a year on March 24 at the Waukesha County Circuit Court.

According to local media, after the dog was injured on the walk the owners took her to the vet.

Police were told by the vet the pooch had significant damage to her windpipe which was consistent with strangulation.

The vet also confirmed she was in a serious condition and that her breathing was being assisted via oxygen.

The dog died the following day.

A neighbour reported seeing Schroederus dragging the dog during the walk, while video footage showed her yanking her off a curb.

Nearby residents tried to intervene and found Schroederus was shaking.

She told them: “l would never do that to a dog, I’m a dog walker for God sake.”

Schroederus also admitted to police she had pulled the dog a “little too hard”.

But she claimed she did not have any intention of harming the animal.

The additional charges Schroederus had faced included several felony bail jumping charges along with misdemeanour retail theft.

All of these were dismissed, although they were read into the record.

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