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Woman Adopts Sweet Dog Only To Lock Him Up And Let Him Die Without Food Or Water

A neighborhood in Springfield, Illinois, is shaken to the core after the heartbreaking discovery of a deceased emaciated dog from an abandoned home.

The remains of the rotting corpse were found by Shane Sullivan, the landlord of the property, who had come to inspect the home after the tenant, Taryn Goodwin, didn’t pay her rent for 4 months.

As per the details revealed by Shane, the entire residence seemed to be in a state of neglect for quite some time. The floor was completely littered with discarded stuff, feces and filth.

It seemed evident that the dog, a 4-year-old sweetheart named Sii, had been trapped in the nightmarish hell for a long time. The poor baby had no access to food or water as he faded into oblivion bit by bit.

Taryn has now been charged with Class 4 felony count of aggravated cruelty to an animal and 2 misdemeanor counts of violation of owner’s duties. The 30-year-old faces 1 to 3 years in prison for the felony offense. However, she was able to bond out of jail soon after arrest.

Meanwhile, the authorities have tagged Sii’s death as “entirely preventable and unnecessary”, and have assured that there will be criminal consequences for this inhumane act of cruelty toward an innocent animal.

It’s tragic to think that Sii starved to death in a slow and agonizing manner while he loyally waited for his owner to come for him all this time.

He was apparently adopted from the Animal Protective League, and the fact that his owner was the primary reason behind his death is just depressing. Rest in peace, Sii.

Click the video below to watch the community gather to hold a vigil for sweet Sii.

h/t WICS ABC 20

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