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Protect your Pet From Infections

protect your pet from infectionsKeeping pet is not an easy job. Usually children love to keep them but it is important that they do that under the supervision of an experienced adult. Besides that, children should be taught their responsibilities regarding pet-keeping, its requirements, likes/dislikes, its negatives and positives.

Once they start caring for the pets, like adults, children have a benefit of sharing companionship, affection and a strong bond of love between the pets and themselves. Unfortunately, like humans, pets can suffer from various infections.

When humans come in contact with pets like dogs and cats, it results in several infections varying from self-limited skin conditions to life-threatening systematic illness. Toxoplasmosis is a pet-related parasitic infection commonly found in many pets. Though toxoplasmosis is a mild infection, it can prove to be harmful congenial infection if remain exposed to pregnant mothers. One of the fungal infections includes tinea or ringworm is also a common bacterial infection found in pets. Pets have a tendency to transmit viral illness such as scabies and rabies.

When a person is bitten or scratched by a cat infected with Bartonella, this can be detected by symptoms such as fever, headaches and fatigue. The cat scratch disease does not cause long-term problems and an antibiotic can cure it. Psittacosis is a parrot fever caused from the exposure to pet birds such as macaws, cockatiels and parakeets.

Such exposures include nasal secretions of infected birds which can result in inhuman infections. Further this infection can result in pneumonia and mild influenza. Pets like rodents, hamsters, pigs and mice are infected by a virus named Lymphocytic choriomeningitis. If humans keep a contact with these pets suffering from this infection, it can cause influenza type illness too.

Pet related infections need not be worried about too much as the treatments are infection-specific even though many infections have a negative loop. When talking about preventions, it involves some of the common sense measures to be taken including sufficient cleaning of hands with water, disposing of animal waste properly and making sure that your infected pets are diagnosed with the problem in time and special treatment is given right away. Lastly, an effective communication is required between the veterinary doctor and the initial care physician to come up with an improved result for the pet care conditions.

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