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Wary Stray Moved Into Foster Home, He’s Scared To Budge Till He Met New Friend

For a dog named Boomer, life looked quite bleak. He was badly injured and living on the streets. His days were numbered but thankfully he was found in time wandering on a highway. But once Boomer was rescued, there were still many challenges ahead of him. Challenges he’d no longer face on his own.

The rescue organization, Hopalong Animal Rescue, reached out to Thom hoping he could foster Boomer. Boomer would need a lot of TLC and Thom was thankfully willing to give him a chance. When he came home with Thom, he was so wary of humans. He wasn’t sure what to make of being inside a house. Everything was so foreign to him.

His life on the streets and eye injury really wore him out and all he did was sleep for the first few days. Thom never left his side. He’d wake up and Thom would change his eye bandages and then Boomer would go back to sleep. The poor dog was on ten different medications which made him even more exhausted.

Thom’s dog Ruby would continuously check on Boomer. She wanted him to get better as well. Thom was confident that Ruby would help Boomer come out of his shell. The first time they met, and Boomer was actually awake, he had an instant crush on Ruby. It was adorable!

But Ruby didn’t really feel the same way. She let Boomer sniff her and would then run away. She spent days keeping her distance, unsure of what to make of this new dog in her home. Finally, something magical happened. Boomer came over to Ruby with a toy and she actually took the other end. This was a huge deal and the beginning of something beautiful!

Ruby and Boomer bonded over playtime. They were constantly playing tug-of-war and running about. Their bond, which started slowly, only got stronger. Before long they were doing everything together. They’d sunbathe on the same bed, go for rides together, hike side by side. And of course, cuddle.

This friendship gave Boomer the confidence and security he so badly needed. The dog could finally let his true personality shine. As Thom watched this amazing transformation, and Boomer walk with his head held up high, he knew that their job was complete. It was now time for Boomer to find his forever home.

To see how the story turns out, and to see Ruby and Boomer’s adorable bond, check out the video below. We are so grateful for fosters! Dogs like Boomer need an environment that feels like home. Shelters, which are usually filled to capacity, cannot offer what foster homes can. If you can find it in your heart to foster a pet, please contact your local rescue groups and shelters.

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