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WATCH: Joe Biden Says He Came Into the Senate 120 Years Ago

During a dumpster fire of a press conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden claimed that he came into the Senate 120 years ago. The comments came as the President was discussing the filibuster.

The press conference was a total disaster to say the least considering Biden had a very hard time talking and answering questions from the softball media.

“With regard to the filibuster, I believe we should go back to a position of a filibuster that existed just when I came to the senate 120 years ago,” Biden during the press conference.


During the same press conference, Biden stated that he would be running for president in 2024.

“Have you decided whether you are going to run for re-election in 2024?” Nancy Cordes of CBS News asked. “You haven’t set up an election campaign yet as your predecessor had by this time.”

“My predecessor,” Biden said with an awkward laugh. “Needed to. My predecessor. Oh God, I miss him.”

“The answer is yes,” he then said. “My plan is to run for re-election. That’s my expectation.”

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