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Teach your Ringneck Parrot to be the Most Adorable Pet

Indian Ringneck Parrots makes adorable pets, their cute color mutations in buttercup, powder blue, bright yellow, grey and green makes them a beautiful companion, who can sing, talk and do great tricks.

However, Ringnecks are slightly different to train and if trained well, they make excellent pets. Their quality of being best and worst depends on the way they are trained and tamed in their early months. So it’s always better to buy them at an early age so that you can take them well.

It is said that ringnecks can develop destructive and annoying habits if they are not nurtured and look after from a young age. The best age to buy a ringneck is one-month-old ringneck, whom you will have to feed and teach him to eat, talk and do great tricks to become the beloved pet of yours.

Ringneck parrots after weaning phase go through a biting phase, which is extremely sensitive and crucial stage. Ringnecks become aggressive, defensive and prone to biting even his dearest master and their proper taming and care is the central key point of your beloved’s entire training session.

Here are some easy tips to follow at this stage of your Ringneck Parrot:

  • Biting becomes a natural trait at this age of your ringneck, so treat his aggressive biting with love and care, not with fear and rage. If your parrot try to bite your finger, don’t restrain it, don’t even express your fear, just act as normal as you can. Ringnecks are very small at this age and their bite won’t hurt you much as compare to bigger parrots.
  • If your parrot bites, treat him with food treats, tickle him with love and care and act as normal as you can. Your parrot will automatically stop biting with the end of this phase.
  • Ringnecks usually develop love with only one member of the family, to prevent this thing, it’s better to socialize your ringneck with each and every member of your family. Each person must devote his half an hour, loving and giving treats to that adorable little buddy, in order to make him an excellent member of your family.
  • Ringnecks chew a lot, to stop their biting habit, buy your ringneck lots of chewing toys like natural tree branches, perches and other chewing toys to keep him busy and happy all day long.
  • It’s always better to give your parrot some healthy punishment in order to teach him as off-limits. If your parrot is out of cage and chews on some household wires, immediately put him inside the cage and leave. And do this act whenever he does something wrong or off-limit, so that he must know he is being punished.
  • Ringnecks can be very noisy at times; they do it to get attention. To stay safe from unwanted shrill noises, must teach them to sing and do funny tricks, so that whenever they want your attention, they will start doing tricks and sing and you will automatically be drawn to them to watch them playing and having fun.
  • Another important thing to do at this age is to potty train your ringneck. Potty training your ringneck is damn easy; all you have to do is suggest a name for this act. For example, ‘tooto’ and whenever you feel, he is about to potty, take him in the washroom and say ‘tooto’ 3 4 times, as you’ll repeat this act several times, your ringneck is bright enough to understand the command and the place to do his thing. In case, he doesn’t, don’t forget to give him punishment.

These are the simple tips to follow and your little cute cherry pie will prove to the most adorable creature out there. Trust me!

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