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Condoleezza Rice – Woman of the World

Condoleezza RiceSome women have made great and remarkable changes in the world’s history. Their presence and their work has done great to the world and will always be remembered even centuries later. One such name who has done a lot for the American nation and has proved herself to be worthy of the tasks assigned to her is Condoleezza Rice.

This African American lady was born on the 14th of November in 1954. Condoleezza Rice was well aware of the facts and problems that the blacks had to face. She grew up in a world full of racism and her childhood says it all. Condoleezza Rice was born in Birmingham, Alabama. Condoleezza Rice gained much fame when she was appointed the National Security Adviser by the US President Mr. George W. Bush.

Condoleezza Rice achieved her bachelor’s degree in Political Science in America from the University of Denver. She then got herself enrolled for Master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. Condoleezza Rice holds a doctorate degree that she achieved from the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Condoleezza Rice has also served as a professor of Political Science at the University of Stanford. Condoleezza Rice came from family who had an educational background. Condoleezza Rice’s mother was a high school teacher and her father was a high school guidance counselor.

Many people are unaware of the fact about the woman who got exceptional fame in the US politics that Condoleezza Rice grew up with the aim of becoming a professional pianist. Her mother was a music and oratory teacher at high school too. Condoleezza Rice still loves and plays piano and enjoys it thoroughly whenever she gets the time. Secretary Rice even played the Mozart symphony and regularly played with a Chamber music group in Washington. However, Music is not a part of her profession.

Condoleezza Rice has also written a number of books that include “Germany Unified and Europe transformed”, “Uncertain Allegiance: the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army” and “The Gorbachev era”. Her books are famous all around the globe. Doctor Rice’s early political career clearly states that Condoleezza Rice was a woman who was a pro democratic type. However, later on, her views were changed and she turned towards the Republican side.

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