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Owner Calls His Sick Dog An “Ugly, Hairless Monster” And Dumps Her On The Road

A pet dog named Honey was suffering from a severe variant of mange for months, but her inconsiderate owner turned a blind eye to her suffering. Over time, Honey was so sick and infected that she began looking like a scary, hairless alien.

Her owner couldn’t stand her “ugliness” anymore and decided to cover her with a jacket and dump her in the middle of nowhere. For days, Honey shriveled up on her owner’s jacket for warmth on the cold roadside.

She kept her eyes peeled at the passing cars, hoping that her human would return for her. Whenever she was consumed by hopelessness, she would sniff the familiar jacket for comfort. Eventually, the volunteers from “Pets Angels Panama” heard about Honey and came to rescue her.

But by then, she could barely move from the debilitating pain. Despite her vulnerability, she refused to go with the kind rescuers and held on to the jacket to express her loyalty to her worthless owner. The rescuers somehow managed to get her off the streets, and immediately rushed her to the hospital.

This video captures Honey’s deeply emotional healing journey, and it’s bound to leave you with moist eyes. When she experiences sincere love and nurturing from her caretakers, she finally realizes what true love is supposed to be. As her wounds scab and her fur grows back, her hesitation turns to gratitude and she blossoms into a whole new dog!

Click the video below to watch the miserable Honey faithfully waiting for her wretched owner on the roadside.

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