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Man Prays Cripple Dog’s ‘Timid Steps Blossom Into Prancing Strides’ & Lifts Her

A precious stray dog, later named Serena, was tragically lying on the ground in severe distress. Townspeople did their best to comfort her. One woman even gave her a shawl so she knew she wasn’t totally alone. The woman then called Animal Aid and told them that Serena wasn’t moving and needed medical intervention.

When the rescuers arrived, their hearts sunk. It was obvious that this dog was gravely injured. It was likely by a vehicle, but no matter the cause, they had to get her the help that she needed. The problem was, the dog couldn’t sit up or stand. Moving her too much could cause further trauma. They had to be very careful.

One very experienced rescuer got a blanket and approached Serena. He bent down and told her that it would be okay. He wrapped her up, carefully, and lifted her from the ground. He moved her as little as possible. He did suspect that her spine was injured.

Serena was brought back to the rescue center and given medication for pain. They had to examine her and their priority was to make sure she felt as little pain as possible. Her body had certainly been through a lot. The medical team was as gentle as they could be, petting her and encouraging the brave dog the entire time.

Next, they tried to stand Serena up but her back legs could not bear any weight. This was not a good sign. The veterinarian decided it was best to put Serena in a comfortable kennel and put her on a month of bed rest. Hopefully, with rest and physical therapy, along with lots of love and kindness, Serena would improve.

Despite being in pain, Serena was happy to lay with her new human friend and eat a good meal. The woman gently pet Serena while she ate. For a dog like Serena, nutrition and love could make a huge difference. TLC goes a long way!

As each day went by, volunteers and the medical staff gave Serena all they could. She spent a lot of time resting which helped her nerves repair themselves. With proper medication, the inflammation in her body also improved… and it made a world of difference!

Serena improved so much that Animal Aid says in the video below that Serena’s “timid steps blossomed into prancing strides.” You have to see Serena’s recovery! It’s truly a miracle. Animal Aid attributes Serena’s recovery to time, rest, and lots of love and kindness. And we couldn’t agree more!

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